9 Watershed Patterns

These videos talk more about the way water flows through the landscape, how roadways and property boundaries affect flow, and how water flow is tied in with the way soils are distributed on the landscape. Below, the links to videos we provided help understand terrain and landform.

Watershed Patterns and the Grid

In this video we’re going to look more in depth into the watershed pattern. We will explore how the grid of property ownership interacts with the branched drainage pattern of the watershed.

Patters of Soil and Water


Continuing the theme of examining how property boundaries interact with the watershed pattern, we’ll use that as the basis for exploring the interaction between how water flows and how soils are distributed. We will also look at the urban grid and discuss the problems and solutions of Permaculture design for water in urban areas.

Now that we have a better basis for understanding how our sites fit within the watershed boundaries and the effects of property boundary grids, we will give you the opportunity below to learn more about topography and use some of the links and tools below to illustrate and evaluate terrain.

Explore Terrain Resources

Explore terrain resources by clicking on the links below. We have provided some tools for you to use to better evaluate elevation and contours on a site. You could learn a lot if you take the time to experiment with them.

Video: Create and elevation transect in Google Earth 

Topographic Maps



  • Canada and US (Zoom out until you reach Canada, click on the right hand drop down box and select “My Topo USA-Canada”)


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