12 Sectors

Sectors are directional forces that come in from outside our site. Mapping sectors is an important part of the Permaculture design process and part of the decision making matrix that this book teaches. This page introduces the concept of sectors and provides resources for identifying and mapping those directional forces.

This first video is a short reminder of where we are now in the Permaculture Decision Making Matrix. This provides the context for what’s next.

Sector Compass

In this video, we delve into sector analysis and demonstrate the creation of a “Sector Compass”, a tool we use to map the sectors for a site. A new sector-mapping application was created especially for this book. The relevance of sectors for site analysis will be emphasized repeatedly throughout this book.

Explore Sector Resources

Explore sectors by clicking on the links below. The idea with these links is for you to learn more about the way forces behave so you can more effectively map them on your site. We’re talking about wildfire, wind, noise, and others.

Site Analysis









Wildlife Corridors


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