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Water is life! The video below is a really brief introduction to Permaculture perspectives on how to design for water in the landscape. The links below provide a bit more detail of the specifics of Permaculture water systems in different climate zones.

The design for water is the bones of any Permaculture system. The basic infrastructure, or the ‘mainframe’ of the design, is shaped around working with the flow of water. Whatever the climate zone, water needs to be a primary consideration. This video provides a very basic outline of the way we view water and the strategies we employ to design for water in the Permaculture landscape.

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There are several different projects highlighted in the video, as well as images of a number of others that are not named. Browse these links below to see a number of project examples that are focused on water systems. Whether you are working with water scarcity, abundance, or over-abundance (flooding), the Permaculture perspective on water can help you assess your situation and use clear strategic guidelines to choose the best design for the water on your site. Remember the watershed, and that all water is ultimately connected in the hydro-logic cycle. When your design works harmoniously with water, then your piece of the watershed is functional, and helps to benefit everything downstream from you.

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Video: Sepp Holzer – Aquaculture: Synergy of Land and Water





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