3 State and Challenges of the World

In these two videos, we explore the need for Permaculture and some of the issues we currently face on the planet.

State of the World

To understand the reasons why we do Permaculture, we need to examine the problems we face to get a picture of what issues we are solving. This video looks at the Earth at night, in order to get a new perspective on resource distribution.

  • Intro to Permaculture: State of the World – Video Transcript
  • Introdução a Permacultura: O Estado do Mundo – Tradução Português


Many of the world’s conflicts and problems seem to make some sense when we look at the distribution of energy consumption. The lights on Earth represent the standard of living from a Western perspective, which includes transportation, consumer goods, economic activity and technological development. When designing Permaculture systems, we want to have a wide perspective on the world so we can best assess the forces at work wherever we are.

Challenges of the World

The ecological challenges we face are daunting, but Permaculture provides solutions. Watch this video to identify some of the problems and see how Permaculture addresses them:

  • Intro to Permaculture: Challenges of the World – Video Transcript
  • Introdução a Permacultura: Desafios do Mundo – Tradução Português

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Here we look at the causes of land degradation, and then several snapshots of how a Permaculture perspective can reverse these problems.

Special thanks to John D. Liu for permission to use his video footage

While this video introduces a general overview of a complex problem, throughout the rest of this book we explore the details of how to restore landscapes and stabilize the climate.

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