2 The People of Permaculture

These are just some of the people who have worked hard for┬ámany years to bring Permaculture to the world. We couldn’t include everyone, but each person pictured here has made significant contributions to the field over a long period of time. Choose a few to click on and explore further.
Bill Mollison
Bill Mollison
David Holmgren
Robyn Francis
Rosemary Morrow
Narsanna Koppula
Penny Livingston-Stark
Geoff Lawton
Maddy Harland
Mark Lakeman
Eugenio Gras
Alias Mulambo
Roberto Perez
Julious Piti
Patrick Whitefield
Masanobu Fukuoka
Scott Pittman

Peter Bane
Tim Murphy
Darren Doherty
Warren Brush
Brad Lancaster
Brock Dolman
Ego Lemos
Toby Hemenway
Chakra Widia
Tom Ward
Joel Glanzberg
Albert Bates
Larry Santoyo
Robin Clayfield
Tom Kendall
Wayne Weissman
Jude Hobbs
Michael Pilarski
Sepp Holzer

Photo: Elena Leongard


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