10 Deforested Watershed

What are the effects of deforestation? This is an important question that leads us into Permaculture solutions for many of the world’s problems. These videos provide an overview of the problem of deforestation.

Understanding the effects of deforestation on the watershed is crucial to assessing the ecological health of a location and ultimately deciding on strategies and techniques to improve the place using Permaculture design. In this video, we once again revisit our watershed diagram to talk about the effects that deforestation has on the entire watershed.

Haiti’s Deforested Watershed

There’s no clearer example of the effects of deforestation then in the country of Haiti on the Island of Hispanola in the Caribbean Sea. In this video, we take a Google Earth tour where the patterns are clear. The land’s response to deforestation and it’s connection to soil erosion and flooding are stark in this impoverished nation.


Permaculture Projects in Haiti

Do you want to help make a positive difference for the people of Haiti? The links below lead to Permaculture and reforestation projects supporting the health of the people and watersheds.


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