Welcome to this free eBook, “Intro to Permaculture”. The permaculture perspective has more resonance now than at any other time since the term ‘permaculture’ was coined in 1978. The Paris Climate Agreement of 2016 has the world admitting it needs to turn civilization onto a different road. Permaculture design has been scouting out that path for nearly 40 years, and now it’s time that the world sees some of what we have learned about living in cooperation with nature.

This free introduction to permaculture is meant for the novice and the professional alike, with no prior experience necessary. For the person new to permaculture design and land stewardship, this book will provide a foundation from which to build upon with subsequent training, and introduce a new perspective that can be applied in many careers and facets of life.

For the gardener, farmer, nurseryman, architect, landscaper, land manager, developer, engineer, aid worker, planner or activist, this book can help to deepen and focus the good work you’re already doing, and provide a grounding in the permaculture design process that you can apply in your current endeavors. The book is not teaching specific techniques as much as a system and process of design which can be used to enhance work in many different fields.

Our aim is to elevate permaculture design further into mainstream knowledge and discussions so this valuable design system can be used to transition civilization to a future with clean water, safe and abundant food, renewable energy and resources, healthy watersheds, and prosperous people and ecosystems.

There is a lot of social, political and environmental instability in the world right now. Consensus has been reached with the Paris Agreement that we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions to maintain a stable climate through this century and beyond. We need a paradigm shift where we change the foundation of business as usual. The permaculture design system is a tool to accomplish this great shift, and it’s time we put that tool in everyone’s hands so we can all get to work repairing, restoring, regenerating, and reaping the rewards that will come when we care for Earth and its people.

Please accept this free gift we are offering and share this opportunity of free Permaculture education with your family, friends, and community.


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