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No one exists in isolation. Our impacts all affect each other, both on the social and environmental levels. Permaculture is about integration, and community is the way that comes to life! Sharing Permaculture with friends, neighbors, and relatives is the way we reap the benefits of the abundance that a Permaculture system creates.

The Permaculture Principle “Integrate Rather then Segregate” makes a not so subtle allusion to community. The power of people working together towards a common goal is one of the most potent tools that we have, and it’s a tool which enables the physical and non-physical structures of a Permaculture system to be put into place. Watch the video below to get a perspective on how Permaculture can build and improve communities.

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Browse the resources down below to learn more about community. There are two different threads here. One is about changing the existing community you already live in to one which is embedded with Permaculture principles. The other is about building community from the ground up. Either way, there are many ways to use Permaculture design to assist that process.




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