17 Design Methods Resources

This page provides a number of links to learn more about Permaculture design methods. There are resources here from some of the best out there, so take your time to explore this page.

Zones and sectors are one way of assessing and designing a site, but they are not the only ones. In his book “Permaculture Designer’s Manual” (inactive link as of 05/18/2021), Bill Mollison dedicates a dense 35 page chapter to “Methods of Design”. The links below provide a taste of some of these other design methods, as well as more on the zones and sectors. There are many great books on Permaculture out there, more than anyone could read at this point, but if you are going to go deep into Permaculture, it’s worth it to invest in the “Permaculture Designer’s Manual”. It’s considered the ‘bible’ of Permaculture, and I’ve personally been reading it for 20 years, and still reference it frequently. If you want recommendations on other Permaculture books, here’s author and teacher¬†Toby Hemenway’s Permaculture reading list¬†that are all vetted titles. Please enjoy the links below and get designing!

General Design

Design by Needs and Outputs


Design by Zones and Sectors



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