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Buildings and structures are an important part of the human element in a Permaculture system. Ecological design and green architecture are vast fields that we are just scratching the surface of on this page, but the video provides a simple overview of building design for the major climate zones, and the links below provide a direction for further study.


Ecological building design is a vast subject, with many great architects and builders with a long history of innovation and demonstration. Ecological architecture is it’s own field that overlaps with permaculture in many places. Natural and environmentally sound building practices are a hallmark of many Permaculture sites. The video below is a very basic introduction, with the links below filling in some more detail about specific building materials and systems for the major climate zones.

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The field of ecological housing design and building is vast, and this is not a complete list of resources or information. This is a collection of a bit of information for each major climate zone, and then more information that applies to multiple climate zones. Browse these links, and if you’re interested, keep searching on your own. There’s a lifetime’s worth of amazing information out there!








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