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SOIL! It’s a crucial part of life, especially for food production. For this video we have brought in a guest lecturer Jacob Kollen who has a Master’s degree in Soil Science and Hydrology from Oregon State University, was a Permaculture student of Andrew’s back in 2011, and is a self professed soil nerd. Enjoy Jacob’s presentation and explore the links below.

Permaculture is well known for the multitude of soil building practices employed in Permaculture design systems. Some you may have heard of and some not, with exotic names like vermicompost, humanure, and hugelkultur. The video below does not go into specific strategies, but takes the wider view for you to understand the foundations of soils, and how they differ based on your climate zone. We welcome Jacob Kollen, a former OSU Permaculture student who has gone on to earn Master’s Degrees in Soil Science and Hydrology.

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The video above presented a more macro perspective on soils, and now the links below provide more specific details about Permaculture soil management strategies and methodologies for the various climate zones. This is not an exhaustive list of links, but please browse through your climate zone and other links as well.









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