7 Work Hours and Location


We have several workstations and laptops for our use. When you are working, you are expected to be here on the 4th floor of the Valley Library. Student positions are not allowed to telecommute at OSU, students cannot work off-campus.  Unless there is an event or special exception (such as an OER workshop or presentation), your work shifts in the Division of Educational Ventures offices within normal business hours of 8-5pm, Monday through Friday.


Oregon State law requires that student workers work a maximum of 24 hours a week (20 hours for International Students) during the term and maximum of 40 hours a week during breaks.

Other important requirements.

  • If you work 4 hours you must take a 10-15 minute break approximately in the middle of your shift.  You do not need to clock out for this break.
  • If you work 6 or more hours you must take a 30-60 minute lunch break approximately in the middle of your shift.  You have to clock out for your lunch break.  It must be at least 30 minutes.
  • Typically you will take either a 30 minute or 60 minute lunch break.  Discuss this as part of your scheduling with your supervisor.
  • Do not work more than 8 hours in a day or 20 hours in a week during the term and 40 hours in a week during breaks.
  • These rules all come from the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), OSU, and HR so they are important to follow.

Start and End of Term Hours

Fall term and Finals week have partial school weeks.  For Finals week and Fall term start, the 20 hours a week maximum still applies.

Noise Levels

Most student work areas are in nearby others.  As a result, we ask that you be aware of the area around you and keep the volume to a minimum because we work in such an open, full space.

There are many people working around you who prefer a quiet workspace. Quiet conversations are fine but try to limit them. Some people are more sensitive to noise than others.

When working on a project if you find you do need to have a planning meeting, for example reviewing images with the faculty member, check in with your supervisor.  We have several conference rooms that can be reserved for meetings.


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