47 Pre-Author Final Review Checklist

Once the manuscript has been build in PressBooks, it needs to have a review before we let the author know the text is ready for its final author review and sign off.

Checklist – Pre Author Final Review

  1. Tables and Figures are numbered
    1. Make sure that the numbering is correct and there are no skipped numbers
  2. Figure and Table captions have been added
    1. Every figure and table need to have a caption
  3. All images have alt-text
  4. All LaTeX equations are working
  5. All hyperlinks are working
  6. Creative commons license page added to end of text
  7. Versioning pages added to end of text
  8. Chapter title is included in Chapter metadata. If multiple authors, these are also included in the chapter metadata
  9. Export to PDF digital
    1. Review PDF for any layout issues such as spacing or tables being cut off
    2. In Setting – Privacy – make sure export is visible
  10. Cover image is added
  11. Book Info is filled in
    1. Title
    2. Subtitle
    3. Author(s)
    4. Editor(s)
    5. Publisher
    6. Publisher City
    7. Publication Date
    8. Copyright Holder
    9. Copyright License
    10. Copyright Notice
    11. Long and short description of book
  12. Set book  to visible in Catalog
  13. Send email to Prof
    1. PDF version of text
    2. URL of text
    3. Link to Errata sheet in Box folder


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