5 Computers

Logging into a Computer

When you first begin working, you will be asked to set up a CN account (Community Network) account.  This will allow you to login on the OER workstations and will enable your Outlook e-mail.  Your supervisor will help you call CN and set up your login to the computers.  Logging in with a CN account ensures you have access to the shared storage drives we use.


If you ever have a problem with your computer or need to install software and no one around you can help, check in with your supervisor.  Your supervisor has Admin rights to the machine and can also call in CN (our computer support staff) to fix the computers if needed.

Acceptable Use Policies

The acceptable use policies apply to your work within OER  as well as your use of resources as a student.  Please review this policy: Acceptable Use of University Resources

If there is ever a need or request, OSU can request access to your work Slack, email, files, and shared drive activity. While this is done only if absolutely necessary, you have the right to know so that you can ensure your privacy. Always keep personal matters and discussions on personal accounts and personal modes of communication.

Please remember that your accounts are not necessarily private, and you should maintain the same high levels of professionalism you use in communicating to each other out loud where others can overhear you.


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