13 Tracking and Documenting

Keeping track of our work is crucial. These projects are often long-term (i.e.,  1-2 years)  and have many moving parts so we do have to be careful to document our work.

There are several ways in which this happens:

  1. Asana – You will get your assignment via Asana, a project management system. There you will see what has been assigned to you. Be sure to click on the task to see any comments associated with it.
  2. Box-We use Box shared drive to store texts and images. Please do not save any text or images you are working on to your local computer. Always save your work to the appropriate Box folder. All OER students have access to all the Box folders that contain the project materials. Please be careful not to delete anything accidentally.
  3. Tracking sheets. We have several of these including an image tracking sheet and an errata tracking sheet. These are where faculty can document images they are using and let us know what changes or fixes they need. Template tracking sheets are in the Box folder.


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