9 Dress Code

Even though students may not regularly interact with OER “customers” (our faculty at OSU), each student employee projects the reputation of the OSU when in the workplace and part of this impression depends on each employee’s choice of dress.

The Division of Educational Ventures has a casual dress environment for employees but employees are expected to use good judgment and to show courtesy to their co-workers by dressing in a manner that is presentable and appropriate.

Please dress in clothes that are clean and tidy. You are more than welcome to dress “student casual”  but please avoid short shorts/skirts, midriff baring tops, beach wear, or consider bringing a wrap if you are wearing cooler tops during summer and/or are coming from the gym.  Also avoid any messaging and political statements in your clothing that someone may disagree with.

We have a diverse group of employees, some are more conservative and some are more liberal so keep this diversity in mind.  Let us know if you have questions.

On a comfort level as well, consider bringing a coat or sweater with you always as our offices can be chilly!


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