23 PressBooks

PressBooks is our current publishing platform. It’s how we create open textbooks.  You will receive a login to access the PressBooks backend.

Please watch the following video tutorials to help get you started with PressBooks:

Once you have watched the videos above, let Stefanie know and she will give you a PressBooks account. You will have your own PressBook to play in and experiment called TEST-yourname.  This PressBook should not be published; it’s for your learning only.


There are also a number of manuals on how to use PressBooks which can be good references

BCCampus Pressbooks Video Tutorials

Getting Started with Pressbooks

Accounts and Users

The Pressbooks Editor


Files, Multimedia, and Plugins

Import Pressbooks Content

Import Non-Pressbooks Content

Metadata, Licences, and Attribution

Manage Your Book’s Appearance

Publish Your Book


Share This Book