14 Asana (tracking projects)


We use Asana to track the tasks in all of our projects. Please watch this video to see a demo of how Asana is used and explore the site to get familiar with Asana.

Set Up Your Account

Follow the link in the Asana invitation you were sent in your Outlook email.

After you have setup an account, feel free to explore the basic functionality of Asana. We will do more training on Asana during our weekly meetings.

Tracking assignment in Asana

Each project we are working on has an Asana site associated with it. You will be assigned to the Asana site for your projects.

Once you have been assigned a project from your supervisor you will see a list of your tasks. If you click on an individual task you will be able to add and see subtasks. These are the things you need to do to complete the project. This will help your supervisor know what you are working on.


Example of individual task with subtasks


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