2 MyTime/EmpCenter

MyTime/EmpCenter is our time clock that you’ll use to punch in and out every day you work. It takes a day or two for the accounts to be created so you may not be able to clock in and out on your first day.

As soon as EmpCenter is set up for you, begin punching in and out every shift. If you ever manually clock in or clock out, you need to add a comment as to why. You should ALWAYS be punching in, rather than typing your time. If you need any help with this, let your supervisor know.

It’s also important to note that you should always be using EmpCenter within the offices sitting at a OER computer (not a mobile device or personal machine).  The IP address of the computer you clock in on is logged and helps verify you were at work when you clocked in.

Within MyTime you will also need to submit your timesheet on the 15th of every month for approval.

Your paycheck will be deposited or available for pick up on the last work day of the month.

Please take a few moments to go through these tutorials to become familiar with these procedures.


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