Appendix F: Resources for predictions and climate models

Koppen climate shift maps:

The Intergovernmental panel on climate change information at the global to regional scale:

The Northwest Climate Toolbox provides very accessible climate data for our region:

An example of the work OCCRI does:…roject/ (inactive link as of 05/12/2021)

National Climate Assessment:…iew/overview (inactive link as of 05/17/2021)

China Trewartha Climate Change Projections:

Differences Between Plant Hardiness Map from 1990-2015:

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States:

Animation of USDA Hardiness Zone Changes:

Animated Map of Future Migrations with Climate Change:

Animated Map of What Earth Would Look Like if the Ice Melted:

What the World will Look like 4 degrees C Hotter:

Climate Change and the Path Ahead Podcast:

Australia Climate Change Analog Explorer:

Climate Change Analogs – Finding Tomorrow’s Agriculture Today: (inactive link as of 05/12/2021)

Using Climate Analogs for Assessing Economic Impacts in Urban Areas:

European Climate Change Prediction:

IPCC Climate Change Predictions: (inactive link as of 05/12/2021)

Climate Wizard Climate Change Prediction Interactive Map: (inactive link as of 05/12/2021)

Climate Change Analog Slide Show:

Interactive Map: Koppen Geiger Observed and Predicted Climate Shifts:

Climate Analogs for Agricultural Impact Projection and Adaptation:

World Agroforestry Center Climate Change Analogs:

Mapping the Potential Economic Effects of Climate Change:

Climate Change Impacts on the Pacific Northwest, USA:

Third Oregon Climate Assessment Report:

Exploring The Impact of Climate Change on the Outbreak of Early 21st Century Violence in the Middle East and North Africa and the Potential of Permaculture as an Effective Adaptation:

Climate Change in India: Environmental Analysis:

Climate Change and India:


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