Appendix B: Climate Change Analogue Report

Please paste photo and reference links in the text of your responses.

1) Info



Current Site Location:


2) Koppen-Geiger Climate Forecast

3 letter code and classification name

Current Day:



Projected climate 2076-2100:



3) Regional Climate Forecasts

with information sourced:

3+ region-specific climate change forecasts:




4) Assess climate data for classification position

Increase or decrease in temperature and precipitation that’s needed to shift region to a different climate classification based on regional forecasts:




5) New climate classification

Choose a climate change analogue classification based on climate change forecasts and climate data assessment. It may be that there is not a different climate class to choose from if you are already located in the hottest climate type Bwh (Hot desert) for example. In that case, provide projected temperature and precipitation changes within that climate type.

Projected climate classification for region by the last quarter of this century:




6) Finding the analogue location

Would searching a different latitude be appropriate and why or why not?



Would searching a different elevation be appropriate and why or why not?



Would searching for an area that has the same landscape positioning be appropriate and why or why not?



7) Potential analogue locations

Find at least 3 potential climate change analogue locations, and provide their NAME, ELEVATION, ANNUAL RAINFALL, & AVERAGE ANNUAL TEMPERATURE

Site 1



Site 2



Site 3



8) Climate change analogue site

You will now choose a likely site to examine further

Climate change analogue site location:



Thornthwaite climate classification comparison:



Proximity to water; ocean or continental comparison:



Precipitation seasonality comparison:



Global air circulation and storm track comparison:



Nearby ocean currents comparison (if applicable):



Topographic features and landscape positioning comparison:



Plant hardiness zones comparison:



Global soil regions comparison:



9) Narrative summary

Most positive aspects of analogue choice:



Most questionable elements of analogue choice:



Lessons learned from analogue:



Areas of further research:




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