Table of Incorporation

Table of Incorporation, 1925 – 2020
Amendment Right Year Case
I Speech 1925 Gitlow v. NY
Press 1931 Near v. MN
Assembly 1937 DeJonge v. OR
Religion 1940 Cantwell v. CT
II Bear arms 2010 McDonald v. Chicago
III Quartering soldiers Not incorporated
IV No unreasonable searches and seizures 1949 Wolf v. CO
Exclusionary rule 1961 Mapp v. OH
V Just compensation 1987 Chicago, B&Q RR v. Chicago
Self-incrimination 1964 Malloy v. Hogan
Double jeopardy 1969 Benton v. MD
Grand jury Not incorporated
VI Right to counsel 1963 Gideon v. Wainwright
Public trial 1948 In re Oliver
Right to confront 1965 Pointer v. TX
Impartial trial 1966 Parker v. Gladden
Speedy trial 1967 Klopfer v. NC
Compulsory trial 1967 Washington v. TX
Criminal trial 1968 Duncan v. LA
Unanimous jury 2020 Ramos v. LA
VII Civil trial Not incorporated
VIII No cruel and unusual punishment 1962 Robinson v. CA
No excessive fines 2019 Timbs v. IN
No excessive bail Not incorporated


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