Example Homework

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Example Homework 1 link EPPExampleHomework1.doc
Example Homework 2 link EPPExampleHomework2.doc
Example Homework 3 link EPPExampleHomework3.doc
Example Homework 4 link EPPExampleHomework4.doc
Example Homework 5 link EPPExampleHomework5.doc
Example Homework 6 link EPPExampleHomework6.doc
Example Homework 7 link EPPExampleHomework7.doc
Example Homework 8 link EPPExampleHomework8.doc
Example Homework 9 link EPPExampleHomework9.doc
Example Homework 10 link EPPExampleHomework10.doc
Lesson Plan link EPP5ELessonPlan.docx
Reading Strategies link (docx) link (pdf) EPPReadingStrategies.docx
Notebook Pages link (docx) link (pdf) EPP.notebookpages.docx
Notebook Pages with Explanations link (docx) link (pdf) EPP.notebookpages.withexplainations.docx


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