Example Equipment for Remote Learning

Task Students at home:
All units Interact online



Respond to homework


Read free open source text and course readings

Access to the Internet

Ability to use Canvas and Zoom


Ability to download file, print, respond, scan, upload responses


Access to the Internet


Task Students at home:
Unit 1 Exploring light phenomena:





Make a sky journal to document observations of Sun and Moon


Explore light and shadows








Explore pinhole phenomena












Explore reflection phenomena


Explore refraction phenomena


Explore dispersion phenomena

(Make your own rainbow!)







4 sheets of copy paper (8.5×11”), scissors or paper cutter, 3 staples;


Dark room, lamp without shade or flashlight, ball; book or object as barrier, wall or cardboard as screen;

(Yard stick or meter stick if possible)





Dark room, lamp without a shade or flashlight;

Empty toilet paper roll, paper towel roll or paper cup;

Square of wax paper or translucent cereal box liner to cover one end of roll or top of cup

Square of Al foil or aluminum candy bar liner to cover other end of roll;

2 rubber bands or tape to keep squares on ends of roll;

needle or push pin;


Mirror, 2 rulers, flashlight, dark room


2 paper cups, pen, water, ruler


Prism, crystal, glass dish and mirror that fits in it, water; or hose to create a spray of water; and sunlight or bright light

Task Students at home:
Unit 2 Explore thermal phenomena: Kitchen or other items made of steel, aluminum, wood, and paper or Styrofoam;

Cups of hot and cold water;

Measuring cup; tray; towel if spills

At least 1, preferably 2, thermometers to put in cups of hot and cold water

Task: Students at home:
Unit 3 Consider influence of light and thermal phenomena on local weather:

a)     What happens in context of the water cycle?





b)    Why is sand hot but water cool at the beach even though the Sun shines on both in the same way for the same time?



c)     Why do cloudy skies and sea breezes often appear late in the afternoon after a sunny day at the beach?




Pot, ice cubes, heat source (hot plate or burner on stove), stirrer;

Liquid water, ice cubes, food coloring, plastic or glass bowl, glass jar,



Cup with some sand or rice or dried peas or beans,

cup with some water;

2 thermometers; ruler;


Lamp that can shine on both cups in the same way or 2 identical lamps

(can use textbook photo and data if necessary)

Task Students at home:
Unit 4 Consider influence of light and thermal phenomena on global climate change in context of:





a)     What is the greenhouse effect?







b)    What is the evidence that the global temperature is increasing at a much faster rate than in the past?



c)     What is the evidence that sea levels are rising in destructive ways?








d)    What are individuals, communities, nations, and world organizations doing to address global climate change issues?

Slinky (if available)




2 identical plastic or glass containers

2 thermometers if possible, 2 rulers

Cover for one container

Sunny day or lamp

Access to Internet resources



Access to Internet resources




Access to Internet resources

2 identical small trays (such as frozen dinner trays), flat rock that fits in a tray, Ice cubes, liquid water;

blue food coloring if available to make blue ice cubes and blue liquid water

Bulb and tube thermometer (if available)



Access to Internet resources

Task Students at home:
Unit 5 Observe Sun and Moon



Make shadow plot


Develop explanations for:

a)     day and night

b)    phases of the Moon

c)     seasonal stars

d)    Earth’s seasons

Sky journal (4 pieces of paper)

Monthly calendar (download file)


Manila folder, paper clip, paper


Lamp without shade in dark room or sunny day; ball

Access to online constellation guide


Globe with tilt (if available)


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