Case List

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The Judiciary

Judiciary Review

Marbury v. Madison (1803)
Eakin v. Raub (1825)
Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee (1825)


Ex. parte McCardle (1869)
Patchak v. Zinke (2018)


Political Question Doctrine

Baker v. Carr (1962)
Nixon v. United States (1993)


De Funis v. Odegaard (1974)

Exceptions to Mootness

Sibron v. New York (1968)
Richardson v. Wright (1972)
Roe v. Wade (1973)
West VA v. EPA (2022)


Trump v. New York (2020)


Flast v. Cohen (1968)
Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife (1992)

The Executive

Structure of the Presidency

Mississippi v. Johnson (1867)
Bush v. Gore (2000)

Appointment and Removal Powers

Myers v. United States (1926)
Humphrey’s Executor v. United States (1935)
Morrison v. Olson (1988)
NLRB v. Canning (2014)
Lucia v. SEC (2018)

Executive Privilege

United States v. Nixon (1974)
Nixon v. Administrator of General Services (1977)
Nixon v. Fitzgerald (1982)
Harlow v. Fitzgerald (1982)
Clinton v. Jones (1997)
Trump v. Thompson (2022)

Domestic Powers of the President

In re Neagle (1890)
Ex Parte Grossman (1925)
Korematsu v. United States (1944)
Youngstown Sheet and Tube v. Sawyer (1952)
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority v. Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise (1991)
Clinton v. City of New York (1998)
West Virginia v. EPA (2022)

Presidential Powers in Foreign Affairs

Prize Cases (1863)
United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp (1936)
Dames & Moore v. Regan (1981)
Zivotofsky v. Kerry (2015)
Trump v. Hawaii (2018)

Legislative Powers

Sources and Scope of Legislative Powers

McCulloch v. Maryland (1819)
Chae Chan Ping v. United States (1889)
McGrain v. Daughterty (1927)
Watkins v. United States (1957)
Barenblatt v. United States (1959)
South Carolina v. Katzenbach (1966)
United States v. Comstock (2010)

Qualifications and Privileges

Powell v. McCormack (1969)
Gravel v. United States (1972)
U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton (1995)

The Commerce Clause

Defining Commerce

Gibbons v. Ogden (1824)
United States v. E.C. Knight Co. (1895)
Champion v. Ames (1903)
Hammer v. Dagenhart (1918)
Stafford v. Wallace (1922)

The New Deal and Redefining Commerce

Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States (1935)
National Labor Relations Board v. Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp. (1937)
United States v. Darby Lumber Co. (1941)
Wickard v. Filburn (1942)

Commerce and the States

Cooley v. Board of Wardens (1852)
Southern Pacific Co. v. Arizona (1945)
Hunt v. WA State Apple Advertising Commission (1977)
Maine v. Taylor (1986)
Reno v. Condon (2000)
Granholm v. Heald (2005)
National Pork Producers Council v. Ross (2023)

Limits on Commerce Power in the Current Era

United States v. Lopez (1995)
United States v. Morrison (2000)
Gonzales v. Raich (2005)
National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012)

The Taxing and Spending Clause

Taxing and Spending as Regulatory Power

McCray v. United States (1904)
Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Co. (1922)
US v. Carlton (1994)

Defining the Taxing and Spending Power

United States v. Butler (1936)
Steward Machine Co. v. Davis (1937)
Fullilove v. Klutznick (1980)
NFIB v. Sebelius (2012)

Taxing and Spending for the General Welfare

Helvering v. Davis (1937)
Flemming v. Nestor (1960)
Sabri v. United States (2004)

Restriction of State Revenue Power

Michelin Tire Corp v. Wages (1976)
Complete Auto Transit v. Brady (1977)
Oregon Waste Systems v. Dept of Environmental Quality of Oregon (1994)
South Dakota v. Wayfair (2018)


Defining Federalism

McCulloch v. Maryland (1819)
Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857)
National League of Cities v. Usery (1976)
Garcia v. SAMTA (1985)

Sovereign Immunity

Hans v. Louisiana (1890)
Pennhurst State School and Hospital v. Halderman (1984)
Alden v. Maine (1999)

Constraints on Congressional Power

New York v. United States (1992)
Printz v. United States (1997)
Nevada State HR v. Hibbs (2003)
Murphy v. NCAA (2018)

Federal Preemption of State Laws

Missouri v. Holland (1920)
Crosby v. NFTC (2000)
Arizona v. United States (2012)

The Contracts Clause

Early Interpretations of the Contract Clause

Fletcher v. Peck (1810)
Sturges v. Crowninshield (1819)
Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward (1819)

The Taney Court through the New Deal

Proprietors of Charles River Bridge v. Proprietors of Warren Bridge (1837)
Allgeyer v. Louisiana (1898)
Coppage v. Kansas (1915)
Home Building & Loan Association v. Blaisdell (1934)

Government Interference in Private Contracts

Allied Steel Co. v. Spannaus (1978)
Exxon Corp v. Eagerton (1983)
Energy Reserves Group v. Kansas Power and Light (1983)
Keystone Bituminous Coal Association v. DeBenedictis (1987)

Modern Applications

Sveen v. Melin (2018)

The Takings Clause

Defining a Taking

United States v. Causby (1946)
Armstrong v. United States (1960)
Penn Central Transportation Co. v. City of New York (1978)
First English Evangelical Lutheran Church v. Los Angeles County (1987)
Nollan v. California Coastal Commission (1987)
Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council (1992)
Horne v. Department of Agriculture (2015)

Defining Public Use and Its Limits

Pennsylvania Coal Co. v. Mahon (1922)
Berman v. Parker (1954)
Agins v. City of Tiburon (1980)
Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff (1984)
Kelo v. City of New London (2005)

War and Takings

United States v. Caltex Inc. (1952)

Substantive Due Process

Creating the Right

Loan Association v. Topeka (1874)
Holden v. Hardy (1898)

Expanding Due Process

Lochner v. New York (1905)
Muller v. Oregon (1908)
Adams v. Tanner (1917)
Bunting v. Oregon (1917)
Adkins v. Children’s Hospital (1923)

Retracting the Doctrine

Home Loan Association v. Blaisdell (1934)
Nebbia v. New York (1934)
West Coast Hotel v. Parrish (1937)
Williamson v. Lee Optical Co. (1955)

Modern Application

State Farm Insurance v. Campbell (2003)


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