Supplementary Lesson Plans

The following materials were created by Oregon State Students in the Fall of 2020. The graduate team offers complete and carefully scaffolded lesson plans suitable for secondary education and informed by up-to-date scholarship for each act of the play, complete with suggestions for further reading.

Romeo and Juliet Teaching Guide

This selection of materials is designed to deepen students’ engagement with the Oregon State University open source edition of Romeo and Juliet. However, these lesson plans can be adapted to any edition of Romeo and Juliet engaged in the classroom.


The structure and pacing of reading the play is up to the teacher. These supplemental lessons are designed to 1). Lead students towards a deeper understanding of the play’s content, and 2). Engage students in critical thinking about the play’s cultural context, as well as the connections students can make to their own modern experiences.


These supplemental lessons can be peppered in throughout the reading or incorporated at the end of each act. There are extensions partnered with the lesson plans that can point more rigorous or higher-level classes towards additional literary connections, academic readings, and modern references to themes that the lesson plans address.


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