Many thanks to Open Oregon State for publishing and funding this edition, and the OSU School of Writing, Literature, and Film for financial and administrative support. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival made our field trip to Ashland to see Othello both feasible and memorable. And we are much indebted to the teachers and students who took the time to answer our questions and share experiences and lesson plans—thank you!

Tessa Barone, Justin Bennett, Ethan Heusser, Aleah Hobbs, and Benjamin Watts served as lead editors for the project.  Shannon Fortier, a recent OSU graduate, donated her time and talents. Jac Longstreth (a Biochemistry and Biophysics major!) provided a great deal of research and editing support, funded by the URSA Engage program at OSU. Jessie Heine was our graduate intern extraordinaire. Emily Kirchhofer designed the cover (deftly incorporating an abundance of ideas and opinions). Michelle Miller and Marin Rosenquist completed much of the late-stage editing and also promoted the project at the 2018 OSU Undergraduate Humanities Research Conference. The editors drew on editing work completed by their peers in ENG 435/535 (Fall 2017). And special thanks to Dr. Lara Bovilsky, who in January 2016 generously donated her time to lead ENG 435 students through the University of Oregon’s exhibit devoted to the First Folio (now an online exhibit Time’s Pencil); the student projects that resulted from that class inspired this textbook. We are also grateful to Anne Bahde, Rare Books at History of Science Librarian at the Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, for introducing the student editors to surviving early modern books and for designing thoughtful, hands-on activities that prepared them for the project.



Tessa Barone

Justin Bennett

Devin Curtis

Madison Dempsey

Alessandra Ferriso

Ethan Heusser

Aleah Hobbs

Bradley Hogle

Emily Kirchhofer

Garrett Kitamura

Lindsey LeMay

Michelle Miller

Marin Rosenquist

David Russo

Sydney Sullivan

Nicholas Svoboda

Jalen Todd

Benjamin Watts

Jac Longstreth


Rachana Son

Ruth Sylvester

Jessie Heine


Rebecca Olson


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