List of Main Characters

ROMEO, heir to the Montagues

JULIET, heir to the Capulets

LADY CAPULET, Juliet’s Mother and Tybalt’s Aunt by blood

CAPULET, Juliet’s Father and Tybalt’s uncle by marriage

LADY MONTAGUE, Romeo’s Mother

MONTAGUE, Romeo’s Father

MERCUTIO, Romeo’s friend but pledges to neither house because he is related to Prince Escalus

TYBALT, Juliet’s cousin

PRINCE ESCALUS, ruler of Verona

PARIS, engaged to Juliet and related to Prince Escalus

FRIAR LAWRENCE, religious man who marries Romeo and Juliet and gives Juliet the poison

NURSE, mother figure and confidant to Juliet

BENVOLIO, Lord Montague’s nephew and Romeo’s cousin

SAMPSON, Capulet’s Servant

GREGORY, Capulet’s Servant

BALTHASAR, Romeo’s Servant

FRIAR JOHN, Friar Lawernce’s messenger

ABRAM, Montague’s servant

APOTHECARY, potion maker that sells Romeo the poison

PETER, Capulet’s Servant


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