II. Learning and Success

Chapter 7. Research and Service

Dr. Ed Ray

Chapter Overview

Major public and private colleges and universities have learned over time that they need to generate revenue for research through grants and contracts, university-industry partnerships, multidisciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations, even as they endeavor to contribute to the common good. Creative work in the written, visual, and performing arts is also essential for the advancement of society, and the college or university research enterprise is too often narrowly focused on promoting funded research rather than supporting all of the creative activity on the campus.

  • Raising revenue and changing the world.

Public colleges and universities have a mission to educate people who often come from modest social and economic circumstances. They also exist to serve the broader economic and social needs of society. What strategies can Research I public and private institutions employ to increase and diversify their research funding and still serve the needs of society?

  • Integrating research and creative work into the curriculum.

All academic institutions include elements of the arts as well as the sciences, and the resource needs in the arts can be quite different from those in the sciences. How can colleges and universities more broadly support all of the creative activity in their institution and bring discoveries and creative endeavors into the classroom?

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