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The AXS Companion is a free, open resource designed to help students like you successfully complete Common App. It was created collaboratively by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Oregon State University Ecampus with the goal of helping you navigate and apply to a wider selection of colleges and universities.

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As members of IECA, we know that applying to college is a complex and often stressful process. First generation, low-income, and under-represented students have faced even greater hurdles to college access during the pandemic due to school closures, reduced access to school counselors, and a lack of familiarity with the financial aid application processes. We have produced this curriculum and these videos to guide students through college applications using Common App in the same manner in which we guide the students we work with individually. Additionally, we have asked admission officers and other experts to provide general application advice, essay guidance, and financial aid advice. We share a common goal of supporting students by providing greater access to a wider selection of colleges.

You can learn more about the Independent Educational Consultants Association by reviewing our website, IECA.

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Thank you to the Oregon State University Ecampus team and its Oregon State partners for their contributions to this project.

We would like to thank the following contributors from the Independent Educational Consultants Association and their partners:


Marilyn O’Toole – AXS Companion, Chair

Louise Franklin

Chris Andersson

Teresa Arosemena

Mark Bechtold

Shannon Bergeron

Sylvia Borgo

Whitney Bruce

Bob Carlton

Ellen Chao

Vita Cohen

Mark Cruver

Stacey Cunitz

Brooke Daly

Jenny Deren

Emily Dobson

Kristina Dooley

Laird Durley

Barbara Ellisirat

Sandy Furth

Zach Galin

Carolyn Geldermann

Brenda Gerhardt

Maite Hally

Kristi Harlig

Mary Harkins

Anne Holmdahl

Shelly Humbach

Sylvia Jackman

Amy Jasper

Jennie Kent

Joanne LaSpina

Jeff Levy

Ebonee Mayo Mitchell

Rose Ellen Mocombe

Cindy McCormick

Janae McCullough-Boyd

Cyndy McDonald

Amy McVeigh

Patricia O’Keefe

Chantal Paiewonsky

Wilton Paogofie

April Paris-Joseph

Tina Pratt

Veena Rao

Donna Siegel

Mark Sklarow, IECA CEO

Patricia Smith

Joan Stern

Juan Camillo Tomayo

Kate Trent

Susana Urrulea

Stephanie Klein Wassink

Jackie Woolley

Wow Writing Workshop

Kim Lifton

Susan Knoppow

Higher Education Admissions

Jon Boeckenstedt – Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, Oregon State University

Timothy Brunold – Dean of Admission, University of Southern California

Karen Richardson – Dean of Admission, Princeton University

Todd Rinehart – Vice Chancellor for Enrollment, University of Denver

NACAC: National Association for College Admission Counseling

Angel Perez – Chief Executive Office, NACAC


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