Preface – Brent S. Steel

Foreword – Kathleen Dean Moore

Part One: The Changing West

Chapter 1: Old West, New West, Next West? – Donna L. Lybecker

Part Two: Public Lands Management in the West

Chapter 2: Western Public Land and the Evolving Management Landscape – John Ruple

Chapter 3: Rangeland policy and management in a changing West: Political marginalization and a crisis of trust – Mark Brunson

Part Three: National Forest and Wildland Fire Policy

Chapter 4: Professionalism vs. Politics: The century-long battle over national forest policy – Tom Koontz

Chapter 5: Wildland Fire Policy and Climate Change: Evolution of Fire Policy and Current Needs – Eric Toman, Christean Jenkins

Part Four: Federal Land Ownership in the West

Chapter 6: Wild Places and Irreplaceable Resources: Protecting Wilderness and National Monuments – John Ruple

Chapter 7: National Parks: Preserving America’s Natural and Cultural Heritage – Robert B. Keiter

Part Five: Water in the West

Chapter 8: The Changing Fate of Western Rivers: The Case of the Colorado – Doug Kenney

Part Six: Wildlife

Chapter 9: Introduction to Wildlife Management on Public Lands – Lauren Anderson

Chapter 10: Endangered Species, Wildlife Corridors, and Climate Change in the US West – Jodi A. Hilty, Aerin L. Jacobs, Kim G. Trotter, Maya J. Hilty, Hilary C. Young

Part Seven: Energy Development in the West

Chapter 11: Renewable Energy Development in the American West – Anna Karmazina

Chapter 12: Regulating Oil and Gas on Federal Lands under Presidents Bush II, Obama and Trump – Charles Davis

Chapter 13: Mining on Federal Land: Policy and Costs of Doing Business – P. Casey Giordono

Part Eight: Land Ownership, Sovereign Rights, and Conflict in the West

Chapter 14: Implications of Tribal Sovereignty, Federal Trust Responsibility, and Congressional Plenary Authority for Native American Lands Management – Shane Day

Chapter 15: Western Rebellion: Who Own’s the West? – Christopher P. Simon, Erika Allen Wolters, Brent S. Steel

Conclusion – Brent S. Steel, Erika Allen Wolters and Rebecca L.Warner